ELME Servicebox

Since the release of the Servicebox concept in 2014, we've broadened the range of boxes to now cover the majority of our truck spreaders. During year 2017, we added another 5 boxes to the assortment and do now offer an associated box to most of our crane spreaders as well.

The Idea

The idea of ELME Servicebox is to facilitate service job and preventive maintenance of the spreader by boxing up selected Genuine Parts.

The Content

ELME Genuine Parts is our own range of approved spare parts and accessories - all produced at our factory in Älmhult, Sweden and 100 % made for your ELME spreader. ELME Servicebox contains all the genuine parts we consider needed to be replaced at service, together with a service manual.

The Advantages

Preventive maintenance lowers downtime and the total cost of operation. Purchasing the Servicebox directly together with an equipped machine ensures that the ELME spreader continues to hold a high level in terms of its dependability and reliability. Additionally it's more economical than buying all the parts individually.

For more information, please contact spareparts@elme.com 

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