The Legend of Spare Parts No 4: THE TRUE HERO

T H E   T R U E   H E R O

Every story has a resolution. So does this one. And ELME Genuine Parts is more than just a legend – it is a true story that once began in the deep forests of Småland, with many unwritten chapters still to come. Then and now with the promise to produce the best of spreaders – created by dedicated professionals and shaped from the strongest of metals.

But our story doesn’t end there; it continues the day a spreader leaves our premises to be put into someone else’s hands. From that moment on there is only one way to make that spreader’s path successful – correct service and maintenance. A heroic act where your treatment of the spreader plays an important part.

World-leading spreaders deserve the very best – to secure the performance and safety of your spreader, always use original ELME Genuine Parts.


An ELME spreader consists of more than 3,000 parts – all carefully designed and built to provide the highest possible level of performance. Every single part is built at our plant in Älmhult, Sweden. And that’s the way it’s been since 1974. All the work is carried out here – from design and product development to manufacturing, assembling and testing. This unique approach lets us have 100 % control over the production and the final quality of our products. It’s our way to ensure the performance, reliability and safety.

By using ELME Genuine Parts, you always get parts you can rely on – and a true peace of mind.