ELME Genuine Parts

An ELME spreader consists of more than 3,000 parts – all carefully designed and built to provide the highest possible level of performance.

ELME Genuine Parts, our range of approved spare parts and accessories, are 100% made for your ELME spreader – with the right qualities, dimensions and features.

Since 2014, tooled product labeling guarantees the traceability of our in-house produced spare parts. Our twistlock certificate is another way for us to do that. This document ensures the origin and quality of the twistlock, as well as it certifies that the twistlock is tested.

At the beginning of 2017 we took the branding of our genuine parts one step further. Not only did we expand the tooled labeling to now cover the majority of our wear pads. From now on, all our spare part cylinders are marked with an ELME logo. All to make it easier for our customers to trace the origin of their purchased product.

In 2014, we also introduced the concept ”ELME in a box”. A complete package of all the genuine parts your spreader needs for a 5,000 hour service. An easy way of securing the performance and safety of your spreader for years to come.

By using ELME genuine parts, you always get parts you can rely on. If you are using non-genuine parts, you put weak links into a strong, perfectly designed chain of interactive components.

Every single part is built at our plant in Älmhult, Sweden. And that’s the way it’s been since 1974. All the work is carried out here - from design and product development to manufacturing, assembling and testing. This unique approach lets us have 100% control over the production and the final quality of our products. It’s our way to ensure the performance, reliability and safety.