ELME Add-on Kit

ELME Add-on Kit is a selection of options that can be installed to your spreader after the initial purchase. The variety of add-ons give you the opportunity to add options to your spreader according to your specific needs due to e.g. changed circumstances in your operations. Each individual kit is pre-composed with all required genuine parts, and can be ordered at any chosen time – for your flexibility and needs.

The Idea

The idea of ELME Add-on Kit is to facilitate the possibility of adding options to your spreader after the initial purchase, using genuine parts that are designed to specifically fit your spreader.

The Content

Every add-on kit contains all necessities for the chosen option, including all genuine parts and documentation needed for a fast and easy installation.

The Advantages

The add-on kit enables adding options to your spreader - at any chosen time. You get a reliable and simple installation, thus a low and cost-effective downtime during installation. In addition, you get a 1-year warranty on the included components.

For more information, please contact spareparts@elme.com 

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