Our New Generation of spreaders evolves from almost 50 years’ experience of adapting to the harsh conditions of container handling. We call them INNOVATION. At ELME this stands for a strong tradition of innovative engineering – and an unlimited source of inspiration.


800 INNOVATION’s with new and improved design implies a new generation of laden container handling spreaders with the unique combination of increased structural strength and reduced weight.

The 800 INNOVATION spreaders are estimated to have an increased life expectancy of 30 % related to fatigue resistance and standard load case conditions. The reduced spreader weight enables improvements on the truck design.

The reduced weight enables less counterweight and thereby reduced axle load (less tire wear), fuel consumption and slightly lowered strain on the chassi. The New Generation design also implies numerous improvements to promote easier service.


580 INNOVATION is the most complete empty container handling spreader series on the market.

INNOVATION's Single Handling Spreaders originate from the double handling design concept, resulting in a more heavy duty spreader.

The Double Handling Spreader is the only spreader with 11 tonnes capacity combined with handling eccentric load. This makes it possible to handle double reefer containers with the refrigeration units aligned (eccentric load). Technically this implies that approximately 55% eccentricity of the weight (load) of two reefer containers is allowed. From a load case point of view this application has a stronger impact on the spreader than a moderate centric load increase.