The Legend of Spare Parts No 3: THE CYLINDER

  T H E   C Y L I N D E R The traces of his breakfast was scattered across the kitchen table. The steam from the cup of still warm builder’s tea, tea bag left in, rose towards the drafty single-pane window. He had to leave this mess for later. He quickly patted his pockets. Had he forgot something? His eyes swept over the sturdy table...

The Legend of Spare Parts No 2: THE HOOK

  T H E   H O O K He knew he was behind – way behind. The first so encouraging comments from his fellow truck drivers had turned into disappointed glances. They needed him to do his share of today’s load, but he couldn’t keep it up – far from. It was lucky no one could hear the long string of curse words he let out next....

The Legend of Spare Parts No 1: THE TWISTLOCK

  T H E   T W I S T L O C K The coffee tasted bitter. It had been sitting way too long on the coffee maker’s rusty plate. He reluctantly took one last sip, poured the rest down the sink and headed back out. Outside the sun was shining and the truck driver thanked his lucky star that he worked in the harbour. The brisk sea winds washed...

AAA – Highest Creditworthiness Award

ELME Spreader AB is one of the 293 companies, of Sweden's total of 558 441 limited companies, that has been awarded highest creditworthiness in accordance with Bisnode's credit-evaluation system during the years 1996-2020. A company with a diamond diploma has retained highest creditworthiness for at least 20 years.

ELME Genuine Parts

Our Genuine Parts wheel is still turning! We hope you are all staying safe and well during this challenging time. We can deliver our Genuine Parts to you as normal, so for any urgent requirements please don’t hesitate to contact your ELME Spare Parts supplier.

THE VISION | Perfection in Spreader Engineering

  The Vision of Gösta Karlsson – the founder and president of ELME Spreader – is a continuing success story, told from the deep forests of Småland since 1974. Gösta once stated ”the better spreaders we manufacture, the more value we bring to our customers”. His vision, to produce world leading spreaders, is the North Star for people...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We Wish all Our Customers and Partners a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!   Want to bake your own 817 INNOVATION Spreader for your Christmas fika? Follow this recipe of traditional Swedish Pepparkakor (Gingerbread Cookies)!


ELME Spreader is one of them. For us, our dedicated staff have always been the key to our success. Staff from all around the world who together share the Spirit of Småland. All with the same goal in mind – world-leading spreaders.