ELME Servicebox 2017

ELME broadens its Servicebox line.

Since ELME released its “ELME Servicebox” concept in 2014, the line of serviceboxes has been extended continuously as the demand for it has increased. An increased demand from OEMs and end consumers is also one of the reasons why ELME now introduces associated boxes for their crane spreader line as well. First in line are boxes for the newly launched all-electric crane spreader series 8110E/8215E, for the RTG/RMG/ARMG crane spreader models 8110/8215 and for the Intermodal crane spreader models 8510/8615. During year 2017 boxes for the complete crane spreader line are to be launched.

The launch of the extended servicebox line comes together with a makeover of the servicebox pages.

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