Now we're back with world leading spreaders

ELME Spreader supplied its first spreaders to the North American market in the mid 70's and has since then built up a reputation of supplying a reliable quality product with a clear focus on customer demand.

Supported by our strong belief in "in-house" engineering and manufacturing we today, regardless if a spreader for a truck, crane or straddle carrier is required, supply a product portfolio meeting the specifics for handling both ISO, US-domestic and WTP containers. As a matter of fact, the first ELME spreader handling North American trailers was already supplied 30 years ago.

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ELME Servicebox

In 2018 we launched ELME Servicebox for the WTP spreaders 817/818 WTP and 8210 WTP. The idea of ELME Servicebox is to facilitate service job and preventive maintenance of the spreader by boxing up selected Genuine Parts and we are happy to be able to offer that possibility to the North American market.

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WTP (Wide Twistlock Position) end beams is an option enabling handling of both ISO and WTP containers.

The leg arrangement of ELME Spreader Model 878 WTP version is done according to the ELME patented system - a load clamping system that involves all four foldable grapple arms in an automatic sequence.

Fot USA truck rev

Grapple arm foot, North American standard.

582LS INN. head - click here to meet 582LS INNOVATION

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