Servicebox 8510/8615

Servicebox for the spreader models 8510 and 8615

Our serviceboxes contain all genuine parts we consider needed to be replaced at service. Servicebox 8510/8615 is valid for all standard models delivered from the launch in year 2017. Please note that the nomenclature of our crane spreaders was changed in the beginning of 2017 and that this box is valid for the former model designations, 8520/8530, as well.


Twistlock Assembly

  • 4x Twistlock kit
  • 8x Seal ring
  • 8x O-ring
  • 4x Ball joint
  • 4x Seated pin
  • 4x Nut
  • 4x Compression spring
  • 4x Compression spring
  • 4x Bracket
  • 4x Tie rod
  • 4x Indicator arm

Wear pads

  • 20x Wear pad (18x for 45ft spreader)
  • 2x Wear pad (45ft spreader only)
  • 4x Nylon pad
  • 2x Wear pad - Indication arrangement
  • 4x Wear pad - Extension cylinder


  • 8x Buffer - Flipper arm
  • 8x Buffer - Folding cylinder
  • 4x Nut - Folding cylinder


  • 4x Bushing
  • 4x Shims
  • 8x Roll pin
  • 4x Nut


  • 1x Filter kit

Additional Items

  • 4x Proximity switch
  • 2x Proximity switch - In foot
  • 1x Seal kit - Extension cylinder
  • 1x Seal kit - Flipper cylinder
  • 1x Seal kit - Twistlock cylinder
  • 2x Seal kit - Folding/clamping cylinder


All specifications are subject to change without notice. Further information is available on request.