Servicebox 815/818

Servicebox for the spreader models 815 and 818

Our service boxes contain all the genuine parts we consider needed to be replaced at service. Servicebox 815/818 is valid for all standard models delivered from year 2000.


Twistlock Assembly

  • 4x Twistlock kit
  • 8x Seal ring
  • 8x O-ring
  • 4x Ball joint
  • 4x Seated pin
  • 4x Nut
  • 4x Compression spring
  • 4x Compression spring
  • 4x Tie rod
  • 4x Indicator arm

Wear pads & Shims

  • 20x Wear pad - Mainframe/Extension beam
  • 4x Wear pad - Mainframe
  • 4x Wear pad - Extension cylinder

Flex track Chain Assembly

  • 2x Flex track chain
  • 4x Bracket
  • 16x Screw
  • 4x Hydraulic hose assy
  • 2x Cable assy

Additional Items

  • 4x Proximity switch
  • 3x Seal kit - Slew/reach cylinder
  • 1x Seal kit - Extension cylinder
  • 1x Seal kit - Twistlock cylinder


All specifications are subject to change without notice. Further information is available on request.