Servicebox 584LA

Servicebox for spreader model 584LA

Weight & dimensions

  • Box weight (MPS): 60 kg
  • Box weight (PPS): 70 kg
  • Box dimensions: 80x60x45 cm
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Our service boxes contain all the genuine parts we consider needed to be replaced at service, together with a service manual. Servicebox 584LA is valid for all standard models delivered from the launch in year 2011.


Hook Assembly

  • 2x Hook
  • 2x Pin
  • 2x Lock washer
  • 2x Nut
  • 4x Bushing

Wear pads & Shims

  • 10x Wear pad - Endbeam
  • 24x Wear pad - Mainframe
  • 6x Wear pad - Carriage
  • 10x Shims - Mainframe
  • 8x Shims - Endbeam

Flex track Chain

  • 2x Flex track chain

Additional Items

  • 2x Proximity switch
  • 1x Seal kit - Sideshift cylinder
  • 1x Seal kit - Extension cylinder
  • 1x Seal kit - Side clamp cylinder

PPS (option)

  • 2x Wear pads (frame)
  • 2x Shims 1 mm (frame)
  • 2x Shims 2 mm (frame)
  • 2x Wear pads (carriage)
  • 2x Shims 1 mm (carriage)
  • 2x Shims 2 mm (carriage)
  • 6x Bolts (carriage)
  • 6x Lock washer (carriage)
  • 1x Seal kit - Tilt cylinder



All specifications are subject to change without notice. Further information is available on request.