Tool Changer 717

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Standard supply includes

  • Reach Stacker Interface
  • Mounting arrangement to fit the boom head
  • Mechanical pile slope (MPS)
  • Powered pile slope (PPS) available as an option
  • Four pendular vertical ISO twistlocks
  • Hydraulic sideshift
  • Hydraulic rotation
  • Solenoid valves for all hydraulic functions
  • Electrical and mechanical twistlock protection and indication system
  • Lift interrupt signal
  • LED-indication lights
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The ELME Tool Changer 717 is the equipment with well-proven design for connecting various tools under a reach stacker.

The ELME Tool Changer 717 is designed for connecting tools, e.g. coil and lifting hook, slab handler and top lift spreader model 716. The tool changer can be connected to any type of tool with four standard twistlock pockets and a standard foot print of 2 500 x 760 mm.

ELME Tool Changer 717 is equipped with a MultiFaster hydraulic connector for easy, quick and reliable switch between different tools. This enables smooth handling of many types of loads.

The twistlock system is manufactured in a rugged design and is well-proven since many years. ELME Tool Changer 717 has hardened ISO quick exchange pendular twistlocks – hydraulically activated and mechanical interlocking against faulty locking and unlocking.

Sideshift is executed by one hydraulic cylinder. Rotation is done by a slewing ring with double transmissions for turning and brakes for holding.

All specifications are subject to change without notice. A list of options enables you to adapt the product more precisely to your needs and further information is available on request.

Type of lifting system 4 vertical twistlocks
Type of interface Reach stacker
Weight Approx. from 4 000 kg
Lifting capacity (SWL) 50 tonnes ± 10 % eccentric load (extended capacity to 65 tonnes is available as option)
Twistlock ISO pendular 20 mm
Rotation, 195° CW / 105° CCW < 42 sec. between endpoints (calculated speed at 20° C)
Sideshift ± 500 mm < 15 sec. (calculated speed at 20° C)
Mechanical pile slope (MPS) ± 2°
Hydraulics, operating pressure up to 140 bar
Hydraulics, flow 40-60 L/min
Electric - control voltage 24 VDC
Colour Black grey RAL 7021