584LD INN.

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Standard supply includes

  • Integrated mounting to fit the truck
  • Powered pile slope (PPS)
  • Mechanical pile slope (MPS), floating function in the end-posts
  • Two lifting hooks
  • Two hydraulic side clamps for securing the containers
  • Hydraulic telescoping
  • Hydraulic sideshift
  • Solenoid valves for all hydraulic functions
  • Electrical container detection system
  • Electric telescoping protection system
  • Lift interrupt signal
  • LED-indication lights
  • LED-work lights
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The ELME Spreader Model 584LD INNOVATION is the New Generation telescopic side lift spreader with 11 tonnes capacity for handling of two empty ISO/reefer containers simultaneously. 584LD engages and secures two containers with two horizontal lifting hooks and side clamps.

The spreader is designed to be integrated in the mast of a forklift truck and can handle one or two containers in 20 to 40ft and drive in free speed. Unique for 584LD INNOVATION is that the spreader also can handle one 45ft container in 40ft’s corner castings and drive in 10 km/h.


INNOVATION’s unique 11 tonnes capacity designed for heavy duty double handling applications, combined with handling eccentric load, makes it possible to handle double reefer containers with the refrigeration units aligned.

The new and improved design implies a reinforced spreader with an increased structural strength, enhanced durability, beneficially designed Power pile slope (PPS), optimized hydraulic system, increased visibility for the driver and numerous other improvements for an outstanding functionality.

A generous sideshift movement of ±600 mm (1200 mm in total) provides operational flexibility.

The lifting hook principle offers the following features:

• Two lifting hooks enter the side on the top corner castings of the lower container and two hydraulic side clamps will enter the apertures of both containers.

• ISO, including reefer containers, and Binnencontainers can be picked up without any modifications to the spreader.


The ELME Neuron CAN bus system, designed for maximum robustness, monitors the state of the spreader at all times. Indicator lights advise the operator when the spreader is correctly seated, locked or not locked. Each signal is a precondition for the important protection functions of the spreader such as side clamp activation, telescoping and lift interrupt. Neuron uses J1939 protocol which provides fault code messaging to alert driver and maintenance personnel of possible component failures.


All specifications are subject to change without notice. A list of options enables you to adapt the product more precisely to your needs and further information is available on request.

Type of lifting system Two lifting hooks with side clamps
Spreader weight (TW) 4 500 kg
Carriage weight (PPS) Approx. 1 900 kg
Lifting capacity (SWL) 11 tonnes
Telescopic positions 20 and 40ft
Telescoping speed 20-40ft < 12 sec. (calculated speed at 60 L/min)
Telescoping speed 40-20ft < 14 sec. (calculated speed at 60 L/min)
Sideshift ± 600 optional ± 400 mm
Mechanical pile slope (MPS), vertical floating end-posts At 20ft position: approx. 200 mm
Mechanical pile slope (MPS), vertical floating end-posts At 40ft position: approx. 200 mm
Powered pile slope (PPS) ± 6°
Hydraulics, operating pressure up to 140 bar
Hydraulics, flow Max. 60 L/min
Electric - control voltage 24 VDC
Communication CAN 2.0B
Colour Black grey RAL 7021