817 INNOVATION WTP - Our New Generation Spreader for the North American Market

2020 has only just begun and we are happy to start the new year by announcing that our first New Generation Spreader for the North American market, 817 INNOVATION WTP, is ready to leave the ELME premises!

817 INNOVATION WTP is our New Generation Spreader designed to meet the requirements of the North American market and equipped with WTP (Wide Twistlock Position) end beams – an option that allows the operator to hydraulically change the twistlock positions to handle ISO and US-domestic containers as well as WTP containers.

The Stronger and Lighter 817 INNOVATION Spreader is a one-of-a-kind spreader with the unique combination of increased structural strength and reduced weight – estimated to have an increased life expectancy of 30 % related to fatigue resistance and standard load case conditions.

The state of the art design implies a versatile and lighter spreader with enhanced durability, increased life expectancy for structural parts, optimized hydraulic system and numerous other improvements for an outstanding functionality and easier service. The reduced weight also enables improvements on the reach stacker design or the possibility to increase lifting capacity in second and third container row.

For more information about 817 INNOVATION WTP, please contact sales@www.elme.com