More ELME boxes

After the success with the servicebox to spreader 817 we now take the next step and launch in August 2015 boxes to our models 815/818 and 857. The idea of the box is to facilitate for the customer to get selected genuine spare parts in one box.

The box includes in fact all the parts we consider needed to be replaced at service. Selling the service box directly together with an equipped machine is to ensure that the customer continues to hold its ELME spreader at a high level in terms of its dependability and reliability.
Additionally it ensures low downtime and is more economical than buying all the parts individually as well as the customer will have all parts in place. Even better is that it makes sure that the customer keeps the spreader in good condition by regularly service checkups!


  • Valid for all standard model 815/818 spreader delivered from year 2000 and model 857 delivered from year 2010.
  • 815/818 box weight: 110 kgs
  • 857 box weight: 130 kgs
  • Dimensions of the box: 80 x 60 x 43 cm