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Standard supply includes

  • Mounting arrangement to fit the spreader.
  • Four foldable grapple legs in an automatic sequence.
  • Hydraulic leg folding.
  • Hydraulic clamp and unclamp.
  • Solenoid valves for all hydraulic functions.
  • Electrical protection and indication system for trailer handling.
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ELME Piggyback attachment 953 is a removable unit under any 20ft ISO container spreader − dedicated for the handling of trailers, swap bodies and bottom lift containers.

The typical property of an attachment is to be easily attachable and detachable. It is also it’s main advantage and 953 is the given choice where container handling equipment is already in use and the need for bottom lifts arises.

953 is the economic choice at a terminal with relatively few bottom lifts and a desire to create flexibility in a fleet of container handling machines by switching from machine to machine.


The leg arrangement is done according to the ELME design which is a load clamping system that involves all four foldable piggyback legs in an automatic sequence.

The feet are designed according to European standard and made of Strenx® 900E material (meets S 890 QL) to extend life time. Sensors (integrated in the feet) detect when the trailer is clamped and send signals to the indication system. To avoid unclamping, a signal is also sent as soon as the container/trailer is lifted off the ground.


953 has two hydraulic functions; clamp/unclamp and fold/unfold of legs. Only one hydraulic supply group is needed, as all functions are controlled through solenoid valves on the attachment.


Quick-change couplings and plug/socket connectors are used to hook up the attachment to the truck or to the spreader. When used under spreaders it is recommended to use a system, developed by ELME, eliminating the need for any adaptations to the truck.

Hydraulically and electrically, the spreader is disconnected from the truck and plugged into the attachment instead. The hoses and cables from the attachment are plugged into the connectors on the truck or on the spreader. The spreader functions locking/unlocking are then used for leg folding and clamping respectively.

Truck indicator lights advise the operator when the piggyback attachment is correctly seated, clamped or not clamped. The system ensures that the twistlocks connecting the spreader to the attachment cannot be opened inadvertently

All specifications are subject to change without notice. A list of options enables you to adapt the product more precisely to your needs and further information is available on request.

Technical specifications

Type of lifting system Twistlocks in 20ft position
Piggyback weight (TW) 3 600 kg without extra equipment
Lifting capacity (SWL), piggyback 36 tonnes ± 10 % eccentric load
Lifting system Corner castings at 20ft position
Legs, length 3 600 mm
Legs clamping distance, min 1,766 ± 60 mm
Legs clamping distance, max 3,195 ± 60 mm
Legs centre distance 4,876 mm
Hydraulics, operating pressure up to 140 bar
Hydraulics, flow 40-60 L/min
Electric - control voltage 24 VDC
Colour Black grey RAL 7021
Paint thickness 150 μ