Wide Twistlock Position (WTP)


Standard supply includes

  • Four vertical pendular ISO twistlocks
  • Twistlock WTP position: 2448mm

WTP (Wide Twistlock Position) end beams is an option enabling handling of both ISO and WTP containers. WTP end beams are available on top lift spreaders for laden container handling with interfaces for reach stacker, gantry mounted (FLT) Straddle Carrier and RMG/RTG. Standard capacity - up to 45 tonnes (RMG/RTG, Straddle Carrier up to 40 tonnes).

Twistlock standard position: 2258mm. Twistlock WTP position: 2448mm.

All specifications are subject to change without notice. A list of options enables you to adapt the product more precisely to your needs and further information is available on request.

Lifting capacity (SWL) Up to 45 tonnes (RMG/RTG, Straddle carrier up to 40 tonnes)
Colour Black grey RAL 7021
Paint thickness 150 µ
Type of interface Reach stacker, gantry mounted FLT, Straddle carrier, RMG/RTG