Celebrating 25,000 spreaders

ELME Spreader started as a one-man business in 1974, going in to an industry that would turn out to have a growth of 10-15% each year during 50 years. Today’s success of the company is something that the founder, Gösta Karlsson, never imagined when he started ELME Spreader. With 40% of the global market share, customers on seven continents and with over 40 different spreader models, we have now reached a milestone of a total of 25,000 spreaders manufactured since the start of the business.

The first six years in business, ELME Spreader manufactured a total of 100 spreaders. It took an additional 10 years before the total reached 1,000 units. With the current production capacity,  we manufacture over 1,000 spreaders each year – what in the past had taken 16 years to manufacture is now done in one.

It was in the end of September this year that we manufactured our 25,000th spreader. The spreader that became number 25,000 is currently one of our most manufactured model on a yearly basis, namely 817 INNOVATION - a telescopic top lift spreader for reach stackers. This model was introduced in 2019, a year after the first INNOVATION models for the 580-series, telescopic side lift spreaders for reach stackers. Not only did ELME Spreader got to celebrate the milestone of 25,000 spreaders manufactured, but earlier this year was also when the 1,000th 817 INNOVATION spreader model was manufactured.

The day of the 25,000th spreader being fully assembled, we wanted to celebrate together with the employees. All the employees were gathered in the production area together with the spreader, decorated with big golden numbers - “25,000”. Gösta Karlsson held a speech, introducing with the words “We are here today celebrating something I never thought would happen”, continued by talking about the history of the company and ending the speech with gratitude towards all employees for being the reason to make the success of ELME Spreader possible. After the speech, the celebration followed by some golden confetti, balloons and to wrap it up – cake for all employees to enjoy.

ELME Spreader continues to invest millions of Swedish Crowns each year in product and production development. Just recently implementing a new workflow in the production process to make it even more efficient. Onwards, with a current full order stock, we are positive for the future. Moreover, ELME Spreader has the 50-year anniversary of the company to look forward to in just a few years. However, before that in the near future, we can disclose that new products will be introduced in the beginning of next year.